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Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 7 – Jesse La Flair

American Ninja Warrior Jesse La Flair - Parkour Master, Teacher and YouTube Sensation American Ninja Warrior Jesse La Flair has a lot going for him, and we catch up with this Parkour Guru in this episode of the Wolfpack Ninja Podcast. Jesse is a professional Freerunner and pro team member of Tempest Freerunning b... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 6 – Wolfpack Bios

We are your Wolfpack Ninjas, and we are here to get you psyched! The Wolfpack Ninjas are a bunch of climbers and old friends who have done very well on American Ninja Warrior and strive to improve themselves daily. In this episode, the Wolfpack Ninjas interview each other and discuss times past as well as how climbing ... More


The Wolfpack Ninjas want to get our mission message about fighting childhood obesity out there! The bottom line is we NEED to get America's kids healthier, tackle childhood obesity and you can help the Wolfpack Ninjas with our mission. Our country is ADDICTED to sugar and the Wolfpack Ninjas can show families and kids HOW ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 5 – Jessie Graff

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff: The Stuntwoman American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff is an impressive female athlete. Scratch that. Jessie Graff is an impressive athlete, period. Jessie is one of the top athletes on American Ninja Warrior and is an amazing stuntwoman who has blown people away with her ninja abilities on ... More

Ninja Training Gear

Becoming a Ninja involves a LOT of training The amount of time you spend training your mind and body has a direct correlation to your skill level. The Wolfpack Ninjas have spent over 75 collective years rock climbing alone!! It is up to you to develop your mind and body through diligence, discipline and training day in and day ... More

Wolfpack Junior Reading List

Wolfpack Junior Reading List Part of being a Ninja is developing perfection of character. Reading the lessons we find in these classic tales is a great way to start! This list is our selection of books and manuals that helped us grow into the ninjas that we are today.  We HIGHLY recommend reading ALL of these books as a ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 4 – Brent Steffensen

American Ninja Warrior Brent Steffensen: The Legend   Brent Steffensen is a legend in our sport. He was the top dog for many years, pushing standards in obstacle course running. A solid background in gymnastics and outdoor sports, Brent is able to flow through courses and often makes it look really ... More