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Jessie’s Videos

Here are some videos of our superstar Ninja friend: https://youtu.be/Weg-cnecgH4 https://youtu.be/HgIeMM7k8LM https://youtu.be/zv9Q4v8Pmcw https://youtu.be/v06KkVJVY0Q   And finally: More

Geoff’s Videos

Watch Geoff become the FIRST AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Geoff's INCREDIBLE fight on stage 3 Geoff's Qualifiers final's run ANW Season 6 submission video ANW Season 7 Submission video ANW Season 8 Submission video Geoff's insane strength and training tactics More


LEVEL UP! You can earn VALUABLE rewards by "leveling" yourself up through involvement, personal achievement and growing the community! Here's how: 1. Personal Records - Comment on the Forum what your personal best at each skill is! You will get points for listing your personal bests and each time you "break" your ... More

Levels & Rewards

Levels! While you are "Leveling Up" you will get great rewards and reach NEW LEVELS! Here are levels, points needed and rewards: LEVEL 1: Apprentice Ninja Cub - 100 points - 10 minute phone call with one of the Wolfpack Junior Ninjas! LEVEL 2: Ninja Cub - 200 points - Shout out and Congrats ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA by ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast – Wolfpup & Ninjadoc

WOW! 2017! Are you ready to meet your goals in the new year?? Let the Wolfpack Ninjas help you out! Also, we now have a CHARITY PARTNER FOR KIDS! 2016 was a wonderful year and hopefully you met many of your goals! We are now looking at 2017 ready more than ever to make an impact on childhood health and get kids ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2017!!!

Wolfpup & Ninjadoc talk about the cities for American Ninja Warrior 9 as well as ANW submission videos (DUE TODAY!) and some more sweet details about the historic first Wolfpack Ninja Tour in Denver! More