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Handstand Tips and Tricks!

I love handstands! I do handstand on top of crazy things that move, some pretty high places and even on people! My secret though is I didn't start doing crazy handstands. I started with the basics and today I want to teach you some of my favorite tips to a great handstand! I started doing handstands against a wall and ... More

My happy ninja secret to you, Go outside and Play!

Hello my favorite kid ninjas! I got some homework for you. Go outside and play! Its good for you! I live in Los Angeles, California and my favorite thing to do is go workout at the beach. I got workout and play at the the original muscle beach in Santa Monica. They have some simple and fun obstacles to play on like: Rope ... More

Positivity In Movement Ninja

My Mission in life is to make a positive impact through Movement. I get my positive energy everyday from positive innergy. That is energy from within. Everyday I listen to my body and mind and work to be the best that I can be! More

Travis’s Videos

Be Somebody! Travis Brewer on the ANW course! Travis racing The Rocket, Evan Dollard on Ninja Quickie: Battle of the Bars WORLD CHAMPION! American Ninja Warrior submission video Season 6 Workout with Travis! More