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Become your own Hero

This life is such a magical and wonderful gift Each and every one of our lives is a total lottery win; an incredible gift which defies all odds. Think about it, you, me, the other Ninjas, your parents... We are all here because of an incredibly unlikely chain of events! What do I mean? Think about it: think of all the people in the ... More

Zun Deep Creek


These quotes are very very important pieces of wisdom and are worthy of internalizing and thinking about. Read them and discuss them until you understand them. Then incorporate them!   “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw   “Doing the best at this moment ... More

Travis Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

Why are positive affirmations so important during childhood? Research has shown that we all learn our belief systems as little children. It is the very belief system that functions as the foundation of our entire life. This means that adults move through life trying to experience situations that match their beliefs learned from childhood. ... More

why learn


School. School can be a drag although sometimes it's really fun! We have all hated school at one time or another. "Why do I need to learn Algebra?" It often seems like we are learning topics that won't actually ever help us in life. That actually may be partly true, I don't use the Calculus I learned ever! BUT, once you realize that school ... More

Noah T. Kaufman, MD

Welcome to Wolfpack Junior

Congratulations on joining the WOLFPACK JUNIOR CLUB. Throughout my life, I have tried to be in all sorts of groups and clubs that would help make me better. Whether it was attaining a black belt and learning the importance of discipline--or getting my medical degree--I have always been very careful to surround myself with successful people ... More

Wolfpack Junior Reading List

Wolfpack Junior Reading List Part of being a Ninja is developing perfection of character. Reading the lessons we find in these classic tales is a great way to start! This list is our selection of books and manuals that helped us grow into the ninjas that we are today.  We HIGHLY recommend reading ALL of these books as a young person and ... More