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Keeping your eye on the prize

In climbing footwork is essential. One of the best ways to teach this is having climbers watch where they put their feet. it sounds simple, right? Most climbers look away right before they place a foot on a hold. If you go to a climbing gym, watch others climb and you will see this happen all day. That extra half second to make sure your foot ... More

The best obstacles are found at backyard courses

Yes, its true. The obstacles on American Ninja warrior are really really cool. They are all built by a company called ATS. (I may or may not work for them, shhhhh) Beyond that, Ninjas of all ages are left to practice on backyard courses and local ninja gyms if possible. I learned everything i know from traveling around to all of the best ... More

Obstacle Courses you can do before Ninja Warrior

We all LOVE American Ninja Warrior. Sadly, you have to be 21 years old to be on the show, and that may be a long way off. When i first started my ninja journey there were not may options... but luckily nowadays, its much easier to test your ninja skills. Of course there is the Wolfpack Ninja tour, which starts in Denver, CO on April 29th. If ... More

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Watch Geoff become the FIRST AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Geoff's INCREDIBLE fight on stage 3 Geoff's Qualifiers final's run ANW Season 6 submission video ANW Season 7 Submission video ANW Season 8 Submission video Geoff's insane strength and training tactics More