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I just wanted to share with you some AMAZING news! Macy's and I will be working together on a new clothing line available only at their stores! I am SUPER excited to be one of the faces of their new brand called Ideology Men's (ID Men's). The clothing is so comfortable (and looks great too), that I'll probably wear some of the gear on the ... More

Can You Do This “Near Impossible” Challenge?

This is a 1 cm ledge and is meant to be done facing the OTHER direction. Enjoy, and get 5 POINTS if you can repeat this feat and send us a video of it. The way I do it in the video is VERY difficult and I don't know many ninjas that can traverse the Vertical Limit like this. GOOD LUCK! More

Hey Ninjas!

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining in on the action. I can't wait to be working with so many amazing kids from around the world... and I hope you're as excited as me! Comment and say hi! See you soon, Joe "The Weatherman" Moravsky More


Joe’s Videos

Here is some Video of Joe in Action during the famous broken obstacle debacle turned heroic feat: And Joe with a very emotional and difficult finish of the almost impossible Stage 2 of ANW 6: Here is a great Vegas Stage 1 run with a great background story: AND FINALLY: In case you ever doubted the "Weatherman" story... PROOF! More