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Austin and Taylor 50Million Views Part 2

Don't miss as we unravel the story behind Austin and his decision to become an organ donor.  Also, Taylor shares her story on her way to becoming an internet superstar.  Their story is changing the world and inspiring people everywhere to be the best versions of themselves. More

Austin Gray and Taylor Green, 50Million Views Part 1

Austin and Taylor are both Wolfpack Pro Team members and are using their skills to inspire the world to be healthy. Their videos and training style have captured the attention of the world. Get the inside story on what it takes to be one of the best ninjas in the world. More

Nick Kostreski the KO Ninja

A behind the scenes look at a man who has the ability to conquer the mountain. An engineer by day and a ninja by night, Nick shares with us his training secrets, what motivates him, fitness tips, tricks, and more. More


Leaderboard! Wolfpack Ninja Championship Obstacle Course Competition for Youth Highlights Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Festival Ft. Collins, Colo. – March 13, 2018 – Wolfpack Ninjas – a lifestyle brand focused on developing ninja obstacle racing globally – will host the Wolfpack Ninja Championship obstacle ... More

Amy Manson, Superstar Ninja Mom

Amy Manson tells us her story of how she continues to find and grow her passion for running, raising her kids to be ninjas–on and off the course–and keeping up her own athleticism. Amy is a superstar athlete, mom, and Wolfpack Ninja fan! Listen to how Amy cultivates her strength to be the best mom and athlete that she ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Gym

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast WPNT 2.0 Recap, News & Wolfpack GYMS!

WHAT A CRAZY BUSY TIME IT IS IN THE NINJA UNIVERSE!!! Catch some deets with Ian and Noah in this new podcast! Awoooo! Wolfpack Ninjas More

Jaret Grossman - Wolfpack Ninja Podcast

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast – Jaret Grossman

Jaret Grossman - Self-made Man Jaret Grossman is a self-made man who was not born with naturally good genetics for sport but "willed" himself to be the man and the person he pictured in his head. This dedication to self-improvement is what it takes to be your own superhero. Jaret shows us that you can succeed through the force of your ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Tour

Wolfpack Ninja Tour #2 ANNOUNCE!

It's BACK! The historic new sport, Wolfpack Ninja Tour is back and better than ever! Building off the success of the first event, the athletes are all back and in top form, offering kid's classes and 1-on-1 experience with the top Ninjas!!! $50,000 in cash prizes for competitors Kids classes VIP tix ULTIMATE PASSES!!! ... More

Chris Sharma - The Ultimate Ninja

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast – Chris Sharma PART 1

Chris Sharma - Legend Chris Sharma; It's hard to tell where to begin with this guy. How does one even start to talk about a man who has experienced so much and led such an original and authentic life? Chris has always followed his own plan, his own beat. At times reticent role-model, at times reluctant leader, there is no arguing that ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Chris Wilczewski NNL Founder

Chris Wilczewski is a top Ninja, and entrepreneur and an all around nice guy who can bust out 50 pull ups on a whim. Chris is an OG Ninja and a friend to all in the community. Also, HE STARTED THE NNL!!! The National Ninja League is the front-running Ninja born athletic league to host competitions across the country at different Ninja ... More