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Please see HEALTH AMBITION for really great info on this important topic.

Wolfpack Ninjas want to share important education with you about the true causes of obesity and diabetes.

Our nation is facing a true healthcare crisis which stems from our poor nutrition and we need education and policy change as well as public awareness WOLFPACK NINJA CUB TRAINING MANUALand support to tackle this massive obstacle. This poor nutrition and lack of knowledge and understanding about the fundamental cause of the problem is not our fault. Sugar is the main problem and misinformation which is being literally FED to us by the food industry. You see, the food industry has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders to MAKE MONEY. We need education and a combined voice to fight this obesity epidemic.

The food we buy and consume is not real food; it is processed. Education is necessary about sugar, which has shown to be addictive, is added to these foods and almost impossible to get away from. Per the science: “research has revealed that sugar and sweet reward can not only substitute to addictive drugs, like cocaine, but can even be more rewarding and attractive.” Please watch this short video by my fellow physician, Dr. Robert Lustig to get a better sense of how big this problem really is and then see below about what we can do to make a change and save our future. Our kids are literally dying because of the biochemical change in the processed foods that we eat. Your kids are becoming sick.



What can we do? EDUCATION.

There is a ton that we can do! Both individually and collectively! Here are some ideas to get you started: Start with your own kids!

  1. REMOVE SODA & JUICE. PERIOD! Instead try water with lemon, seltzer, unsweetened almond milk, soy milk or cow milk.
  2. Buy and eat REAL foods! Like fruit, vegetables, nuts and other UNPROCESSED foods.
  3. Avoid “fast food.” This stuff is mostly horrible. If you must have fast food, remove soda/juice and go for non-fried, low processed choices.
  4. Increase FIBER.
  5. Watch the movie “Fed Up.”
  6. Have your kids print out their FREE Ninja Cub Certificate and pledge to eat better!
  7. If your kids LOVE Ninja Warrior and are motivated, get them our NINJA CUB TRAINING MANUAL.

Then help other kids and less fortunate/educated folks:

  1. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN about the deplorable state of the food industry and DEMAND that SUGAR % RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) be listed on food labels!
  2. Write to local Newspapers and television news to keep this story in the public eye. Just google their contact info and write a note or send them to THIS PAGE.
  3. Spread the message about the Wolfpack Ninjas MISSION on SOCIAL MEDIA and tell local news/TV/businesses that we stand united, ready to publicly confront the food industry and soft drink manufacturers.
  4. Spread your own message about your thoughts and feelings about what is happening to our KIDS on YOUR social media. This is a cause worth fighting for! Take 5-10 minutes once a week and DO IT, please!
  5. Visit Dr. Lustig’s Site below.

Together we can make some real change, and we need to utilizing education and action. This epidemic has gotten out of control and only by working together can we start to make a dent. We are being fed LIES by the food industry whose job it is to make money for their investors, even at the expense of our health! They are not entirely different than the tobacco industry, which I think we can all pretty much agree is selling a harmful, and addictive product as well.

Get motivated and let’s do this FOR OUR KIDS.

Here is more information directly from Dr. Lustig’s research, work and website:

Dr. Lustig's Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Dr. Lustig’s Institute for Responsible Nutrition


In a new, landmark study published in the journal Obesity, UCSF and Touro University researchers prove conclusively that dietary fructose restriction improves metabolic syndrome. IRN’s Co-Founder, Dr. Robert Lustig, was Primary Investigator. For more coverage by the IRN, click here.

What you eat has been altered. Significantly.

Processed foods have changed what people eat. Nutrition is stripped. Fiber is removed. And sugar is added. A lot of sugar. The food supply has been adulterated. Worldwide. Human and environmental health are imperiled.

Added sugar is found in 77% of grocery store items. Adding sugar makes packaged foods shelf stable. That’s good for profits. Bad for you.

We are the Institute for Responsible Nutrition.

The IRN.

We were founded by doctors who have witnessed childhood obesity become tragically common in one generation.

They say it’s all because we eat too much and burn off too little; too many calories in, and too few out. Well, that’s not the whole truth. Not all calories are created equal. As IRN Founder Dr. Robert Lustig explains, a calorie is not a calorie.

The World Health Organization recommends limiting sugar to 5% of your diet. That’s about 6 teaspoons a day. The Harvard School of Public Health says a typical American eats and drinks 22 teaspoons worth of added sugar each day.

Even Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest finance institutions, thinks sugar is turning our economy sour.

Every day we see new signs that there is a seismic shift in the way we are eating.

Together, we can start a movement. A movement toward unprocessed, real foods, foods that bring wellness not illness.

Preparing real food requires a new shopping list, a little extra time, and planning. These tips will help.

We believe the world can be a healthier place. We are here to research, educate and advise. We’re here to let you know you’re not alone. We can help you beat the odds against sugar, processed foods, obesity, and disease.

Please join us. Help transform our food system, our health, and our lives. 

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Increases in unhealthy patterns are outpacing increases in healthy patterns in most world regions. In view of the disease burdens associated with sub-optimum diet quality, these findings emphasize the need to better elucidate the societal, policy, and food industry determinants of these differences and trends, and to implement policies to address these inequities and improve diet quality globally. 

– Dietary quality among men and women in 187 countries in 1990 and 2010: a systematic assessment


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It’s simple: Eat Real Food.

Try the 10 Day Real Food Challenge by clicking on the banner below:

Eat Real Food

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