• Thank you for answering my questions. We bought two VIP tickets. When will we be hearing from you about signing up for a class?

  • Lawrence commented on the post, Wolfpack Ninja Tour 3 months ago

    I’m looking to purchase a kid’s class for my daughter and most likely a Wolf Pass for myself.

    1. Will you be trying to even out classes? For example, if one class has 10 kids, and another has 5, will there be any kind of option to switch my daughter to the smaller class?
    2. Does the spectator ticket that comes with the kid’s class allow for…[Read more]

  • Lawrence commented on the post, Kid’s Classes 3 months ago


    I plan on signing up my daughter for a kid’s class.

    1. Closer to the event date, will you be trying to even out the number of kids per class? For example, if I sign her up for a class that becomes full, and the class an hour earlier only has 4, then it’s pretty obvious I’d like the opportunity to move her.
    2. Does the spectator pass…[Read more]

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