Meagan Martin


Meagan Martin is the SheWolf and is widely considered to be the best female on the American Ninja Warrior circuit having made it far into stage 1 of the National Finals (Midoriyama) two years in a row.  She is one of the best American Ninja Warriors–male or female–and is a hero to women and men all over the world.  She is a teacher of movement to children at ABC Kids Climbing Center in Boulder, CO where she develops young minds and bodies.  Meagan loves kids and is constantly honing her teaching and coaching skills. She is a top level World Cup rock climber and is training hard in Colorado with the rest of the Wolfpack.  She has extensive climbing competition experience which gives her a calm, cool demeanor on the American Ninja Warrior course. Her goal is Total Victory on Midoriyama.

Here are some other amazing videos of Meagan in action! This Wolf is INCREDIBLE!!!

Meagan Profile and world class V10 send:

Meagan at the PSICOCOMP! WOW!

Meagan crushiing a sweet V10 in ColoRADo:

Meagan Martin sends Bierstadt, Poop castle… from Kevin Cuckovich on Vimeo.