Noah T. Kaufman, MD


gallery-15Dr. Kaufman, the “Ninjadoc,” has dedicated his life to emergency medicine and helping people. He is also an avid rock climber of over 25 years and holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Dr. Kaufman is the leader of the Wolfpack and the chief strategist. When he is not working a busy shift in the ER, Noah loves to play blues guitar and write music. He is also fond of losing chess games with Brian Arnold and “swears it’s on purpose.” He is a strong believer in hard work and has climbed all over the world in search of the perfect climb. Noah has lived in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. He went to Tulane University School of Medicine on a scholarship and specialized in emergency medicine for the thrill of it. He has competed on American Ninja Warrior for 3 seasons and Team Ninja Warrior. He is well known for helping injured Ninjas and was seen reducing a dislocated shoulder of fellow competitor Alan Connealy in ANW5. He lives in Colorado with his wife Dr. Siemay Lee and their little Ninja Cub, Zun.

Dr. Kaufman is a medical expert on Channel 9 News on NBC in Denver, CO. Check him out on this Live segment:

More American Ninja Warrior action from his debut season:

Dr. Kaufman has climbed hard all over the world! Check out his YouTube channel linked to the left for over 100 rock climbing videos from all over this amazing Earth.

Ninjadoc is a champion slackliner and trick inventor:

Rocklands South Africa AMAZING V11 dyno:

Crossfire Hurricane V13, a 23 day project that Ninjadoc did the stand FA of (V11) and almost sent the sit! The one that got away!

Bishop, CA a really fun V11 called Xavier’s roof:

A famous V10 in Yosemite:

A sweet V11 First Ascent Ninjadoc did in Lake Tahoe:

A young Ninjadoc gives a Rock Climbing training video:

Ninjadoc’s son, Zun Lee Kaufman sends his project AGE 3 YEARS OLD & spotted by the First American Ninja Warrior, Isaac Caldiero:

One of Ninjadoc’s favorite V9’s ever (which is now broken) Joe’s Valley, UT:

Another amazing Tahoe V10:

The amazing “Beyond Life” V10 in Joe’s Valley, UT:

You don’t always send, but you always TRY YOUR HARDEST:

And lastly, Noah sends a rad Hueco Tanks V11 cheered on by his close friend Brian Arnold!