United States 2016-03-15 5 Kathyf12001 Great Podcast! Love the podcast guys. So fun to learn more about the ninjas, about their training, nutrition and their backgrounds. I’m also impressed that although none of the podcasters are professional broadcasters or interviewers, the interviews are thorough and well done and the broadcast quality is very high. You guys have asked for suggestions. I have some: Now that the qualifying rounds and finals are starting to take place, can you provide some behind the scenes info for us? Like, are the qualifying and final rounds in the same two or three days? Are you sometimes up all night filming? Where do you sleep? Do people pitch in and get a hotel room together? Do you get to try the course earlier in the day at least once? Or do you learn of new obstacles when you get there, see them, then have to deal with figuring it out on your first run in the qualifying round? Can you hear Matt and Akbar broadcasting/cheering while you’re racing? Do they have loudspeakers? Also interesting to me would be your thoughts on how the show has changed. I have only been watching since AMW 5, but I saw a clip from year 2 or 3 and it’s obvious that by ANW5 NBC was spending a lot more money: the obstacle course was pretty with nice colors, etc. What have been some other changes you’ve noticed? Good and bad?
United States 2016-03-11 5 Rich Shoemaker The Ninja Dr/Daddy You guys are great! You should get Travis Rosen on to talk about the final relay against Brian on team NW. I heard he broke his wrist and still climbed the tower. It would be great to hear what was going through both their minds in that final relay.
United States 2016-03-07 5 Jillllllk Family Favorite! Our whole family loves to listen intently to this podcast in the car as we travel. It is our absolute favorite. My kids can’t wait for each new episode to come out. We really appreciate the health tips. It’s great when their favorite ninjas reiterate what we as parents are trying to teach them. Thank you Wolf Pack!
United States 2016-03-03 5 fghhjjlk I love the Wolfpack Ninja Podcasts The podcasts are so great. I always get extremely motivated when listening to them and I always learn something know. Plus they are really funny 🙂
United States 2016-02-23 5 ASchoffsta Love the Wolfpack! I love the perspectives, tips, opinions of diet, health, exercise, guest interviews!
United States 2016-02-16 5 Marta Raquel Awesome ! This podcast offers lots of inside stories on ANW as well as so many good tips on heathy living !! My Son is 9y/o and listens every week! Any current, aspiring Ninja should be tuning in!
United States 2016-02-10 5 Ntnez Great! Interesting and good interviews! Keep it up for the community!
United States 2016-02-09 5 Mom of a ninja Great information My son and I both listen to the podcast each week. He loves it and listens as soon as it comes out. It gives us something we can talk about together. I especially liked when they talked about how failure isn’t the end. It’s something he and many kids struggle with and hearing about perseverance from his heroes was great.
United States 2016-02-04 5 iBunzai Ninja podcast!! These ninja podcasts are awesome!! It’s so cool to hear the backstory of all these amazing athletes.
United States 2016-02-04 5 Rockman Stewart Wolfpack Ninja podcast Ok, here’s the deal. If you like ninja warrior you should listen to these podcasts. I listened to my first one on my way home from work today and it was way better than I expected. It was podcast #2 with Matt Iseman. Both him and Noah are very entertaining but that’s not the best thing. There is a ton of useful information on training, nutrition, and life. Highly recommend, even and old rock can learn a thing or two!????????
United States 2016-02-04 5 DBM5050 Love love love I love this podcast!!!! More please!!!!!!
United States 2016-02-04 5 JeffQ Informative and Entertaining It’s great to hear more from the Wolfpack and all their guests. I also love the training and nutrition tips, it’s very motivating. Keep up the great work!
United States 2016-02-03 5 jeffsaunt Great perspective on the power of movement This podcast does a great job of spreading the ethos and lifestyle of ninja warrior–a view on life and obstacles that will long outlast the success or run of the tv show. Awesome that these hardworking athletes take the time to share their love for movement.
United States 2016-02-03 5 Chrisdninja Feeling the love!! Epic show with an amazing crew and lineup of guest!!! Can really feel the love and heart put into this!! Lots of good laughs while educational at the same time!!! Keep it rockin ninjas!! Much love, Chris O
United States 2016-02-03 5 mcore0319 Excellent Best Ninja Warrior podcast by far! Love the show guys keep it up!!
United States 2016-02-03 5 erickuriakos Love the Ninja Doc! Great podcast! Way to go all! We need to get this country healthy!
United States 2016-02-01 5 Black Jewelz One of a Kind Show I love this podcast! This is the best podcast for any American Ninja Warrior fan. The content and interviews are truly terrific!
United States 2016-01-31 5 Coopsdogger Excellent stuff by a great crew These guys rock. A must listen for all interesting in unleashing their inner wolf!
United States 2016-01-31 5 Whipjackwilly Wolf pack Great content and extremely helpful. Go wolf pack ninjas!!
United States 2016-01-31 5 Joe Moravsky Awesome! Sounds and flows great!
United States 2016-01-31 5 DRCLIMB Great view into lives and minds of star ninjas This is a great podcast. These guys go way deeper that you see on ANW. What a cool way to get to know the top ninjas better. So many good pearls of wisdom concerning life, fitness, and health. The Wolfpack did a pro job here. Can’t wait for more.
United States 2016-01-31 5 Disco dancing JJ Ninjas are awesome! Thanks for sharing that awesome podcast! We love hearing from the ninjas.
France 2016-01-31 5 Asooence Awesome! Great for ANW fans who want a deeper look into the lives and personalities of some awesome ninjas!
United States 2016-01-30 5 Frizzmond Favorite Podcast! The Wolfpack Ninja Podcast is a great listen and perfect for those interested in fitness! Definitely recommend!
United States 2016-01-30 5 Bbjjff78987 Thanks for such a positive podcast You all have so much to offer and do it with such high energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for working to make the world a better place.
United States 2016-01-30 5 NOLA2DALLAS Awesome I so excited to listen to this podcast! I’m sure there will be lots of funny moments because Noah is a hoot!
United States 2016-01-30 5 Melvin Mills Ninjatastic Super fun listening.
United States 2016-01-30 5 Binx504 Ninja Go ninjas
United States 2016-01-30 5 Sandy Wilder Effective podcast for teaching kids about healthy lifestyles Great and effective messages of living a healthy lifestyle, especially for little ninja kid fans (who even downloaded the ninja in training certificate from your website)! Yesterday when I asked my 4-year old if he wanted to stop by the bakery to get a treat, he said, “No thank you, Mama. I don’t want to eat sugar today because Noah said it wasn’t healthy for me, and I want to be a ninja.” Then when we got home he asked for kale (which he ate 3 bowls of). Great to use this as a tool to say “That won’t help you train to be a ninja!” at the right moment. 😉
United States 2016-01-30 5 @jason_haley_ The best podcast I had no idea that there would be a podcast for ninja warrior. I really like how they create a backstory about them in case people don’t know them. Then they ask a few questions about them and it’s awesome. I totally recommend this for anyone that knows the ninjas or wants to know them. I’m completely obsessed with ninja warrior since I was like 5 years old. And this podcast is amazing.
United States 2016-01-30 5 Sandy Wilder Great and effective message of living a healthy lifestyle Great podcast and messages of living a healthy lifestyle! Yesterday when I asked my 4-year old (who’s obsessed with the Wolfpack) if he wanted to stop by the bakery to get a treat, he said, “No thank you, Mama. I don’t want to eat sugar today because Noah said it wasn’t healthy for me, and I want to be a ninja. Do you have any kale?” He ate 3 bowls of raw kale when we got home and said, “I’m training to be a ninja!”
United States 2016-01-29 5 Bigrocs Expert I needed this 5 years ago!
United States 2016-01-29 5 charliemusgron so excited! I’m so happy you guys are doing a podcast. I can’t wait to hear from all my faves (everyone) especially the ladies! I love how supportive everyone is of each other even though this is considered a competition. I love this entire thing. everyone is so awesome and inspiring!! thank you!
United States 2016-01-28 5 SIEMAY Intriguing… The Wolfpack Ninja Podcast is starting off on the right foot. The guest list is impressive and the interviews are solid! Sometimes it’s hard to tell which wolf is which, but you learn the voices. I can’t wait to hear Kacy Catanzaro and Geoff Britten!
United States 2016-01-28 5 JRD777 Openers Wow! Great energy! Good listen! Looking forward to Ep2… Thx!
United States 2016-01-28 5 Nick Falke Very helpful Amazing podcast. You guys are so helpful.
United States 2016-01-28 5 NinjaWife Nice! Super sick! I am amped to be able to listen to Ninja interviews! And love the lady tips! Thanks!
United States 2016-01-28 5 DBM5050 First Review! I cant wait to hear Matt Iseman on the Show!!

4 Replies to "PODCAST REVIEWS"

  • comment-avatar
    Jeff Schelling
    May 19, 2016 (5:21 pm)

    Hello wolves! Love your podcasts and thank you for the inspiration! I’m a relatively fit 46 year old and was wondering if you had any of the “senior” ninjas upcoming. I’d love to hear their advice and thoughts on training. Thanks to you guys I’ve just taken up rock climbing and love it! Thanks and look forward to all of your future posts and podcasts. Aroooo!

    • comment-avatar
      Wolfpack Ninjas
      May 21, 2016 (10:48 pm)

      Jeff, Thanks so much! Of course, we have plans to talk to Jon Stewart and Kelvin Antoine soon! These guys are some of the best Ninjas out there and prove that age is just another variable, and another obstacle that can be mastered! Good for you and keep Trying Hard! Thanks Again!
      -Wolfpack Ninjas

  • comment-avatar
    Emily Fields
    May 21, 2016 (2:57 pm)

    I love the podcasts! They obviously take so much effort to be put out every week in great quality. You guys are such an inspiration and so helpful!

    • comment-avatar
      Wolfpack Ninjas
      May 21, 2016 (10:52 pm)

      Thanks Emily!! Haha, you are AWESOME! You are welcome to train with us anytime, and you have some really great energy! Keep listening, we have some really amazing guests and some really cool surprises coming up!
      -Wolfpack Ninjas

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