Wolfpack Ninja Tour Pro Team

Here is TOUR PRO TEAM! These pros will be attending the WPNT IN PERSON! Most of these athletes plan to be at every event, both competing and teaching amazing Kid’s Classes! We support our Pros financially, and they are part owners in the WPNT and STRONG believers in the message and cause.

Captains were chosen for their character, performance, ability and inspirational qualities. Team Captains Geoff and Jessie then helped to choose the rest of the team who all exhibit strong moral character, leadership abilities and inspirational qualities. Plus, these Ninjas are incredible with kids! Sign your kids up for a class with these modern-day heroes of our amazing new sport. Every kid wants to be a ninja, now let THE TOP NINJAS show them the way!


WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSJESSIE GRAFF WOLFPACK NINJA PRO TEAM CAPTAIN, and with over 400k Social Reach, Jessie Graff is a Professional stunt woman living out her dream of being a superhero. She has spent the last ten years behind the scenes working as a stunt woman. Recently, she has had some face time which she strives to use for breaking gender stereotypes, and becoming a positive female role model. Being feminine shouldn’t mean you can’t be athletic, strong and confident. Healthy is attractive! As a child she wanted to run away to the circus, but having limited means at age five, she settled with circus gymnastics classes that her mom signed her up for instead. At nine they moved to the woods of Pennsylvania and no longer having access to circus gymnastics she demanded her mom spot her while she attempted to teach myself back handsprings (despite her insistence that this was a bad idea). After learning her mom didn’t know how to spot (like she told me) and it was her hands not her head that should have touched the ground first. Jessie’s mom found a gymnastics gym an hour away that she took her to four days a week while working three jobs. Thanks to her mom’s support toward her passions, Jessie secured a NCAA track and field scholarship and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in theater. The day of her last final she headed to LA. Everyone asks how to get into stunts, Jessie tells us “you do what I did! Find where the top people train and learn from them, go hustle sets, get to know the coordinators and above all else be humble and never take a job outside your ability. As a part of a stunt team you are responsible for not only yourself, but the safety of your comrades. It took me a lifetime as an elite athlete to just get the basic tools I needed, years of training specific skills to get where I am and I still have so much to learn it is staggering, but it is also exciting and fun because it is my passion!” Jessie Graff is truly one-of-a-kind!  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 414,500  KEY NINJA RUN WWW – YouTube – Instagram – Twitter – Facebook

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSMEAGAN MARTIN – Meagan Martin is the SheWolf and is widely considered to be the best female on the American Ninja Warrior circuit having made it far into stage 1 of the National Finals (Midoriyama) two years in a row.  She is one of the best American Ninja Warriors–male or female–and is a hero to women and men all over the world.  She is a teacher of movement to children at ABC Kids Climbing Center in Boulder, CO where she develops young minds and bodies.  Meagan loves kids and is constantly honing her teaching and coaching skills. She is a top level World Cup rock climber and is training hard in Colorado with the rest of the Wolfpack.  She has extensive climbing competition experience which gives her a calm, cool demeanor on the American Ninja Warrior course. Her goal is Total Victory. SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 70,000 KEY NINJA RUN – INSTAGRAMTWITTERFACEBOOK

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSJOE MORAVSKY – Joe Moravsky is a 27 year old Meteorologist at News 12 Connecticut who grew up in the small town of Sherman, CT. Besides being a weatherman, he currently teaches gymnastics and parkour part-time at a gym in Newtown called Vasi’s International Gymnastics. Since childhood, Joe knew two things for sure, he loved the weather and playing sports. Through elementary and high school, Joe participated in many sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, and cross-country. He always loved sports and knew that one day he would excel in one definitively… little did he know that would be American Ninja Warrior. SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 70,000 KEY NINJA RUN – WWW – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK/ANW – YOUTUBE – FACEBOOK/WEATHER

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSJESSE LA FLAIR – American Ninja Warrior Jesse La Flair has a lot going for him, and we catch up with this Parkour Guru in this episode of the Wolfpack Ninja Podcast. Jesse is a professional Freerunner and pro team member of Tempest Freerunning based out of Los Angeles, California. He is the most individually subscribed Professional Parkour and Freerunning athlete on Youtube worldwide, a stuntman, and known for his appearances as a top finalist on American Ninja Warrior. He has inspired many beginner parkour and freerunning athletes from his tutorials on Youtube which have 300,000 subscribers and 28,000,000 views!!!  You know Jesse is doing something right.  Jesse has been on American Ninja Warrior several years and has been a finalist. He views the course as a chance to play and is not as concerned about actually going the distance. He wants to make it a piece of performance art and his movement does indeed do the talking. Jesse La Flair is a Tempest Freerunning Pro Athlete, his Freerunning and Parkour Tutorials have been titled the Best Parkour tutorials on youtube by 1,000’s. He is the number one most subscribed to Professional freerunning athlete in the world and has proved himself internationally at the biggest freerunning competitions and events winning not only Best Trick at the Red Bull Art Of Motion in 2013 but taking third place overall at AOM and the Bet Safe Air Wipp challenge. In the USA he is nationally known for his appearance and top performance on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior as well as appearing in over 10 National Commercials and Major Block Buster Films. SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 500,000 KEY NINJA RUN – WWW – INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – YOUTUBE – SNAPCHAT: @JesseLaFlair – SHOP

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSDAVID “FLIP” RODRIGUEZ – is a bit of a conundrum; on the surface you saw a troubled kid who is overly emotional and hides behind a mask while DOMINATING the American Ninja Warrior courses. But along with ANW, David Flip Rodriguez has grown up in front of our eyes. He has shed the mask and is a powerful personality, a sweet heart and just the coolest guy you could hope to meet. We quickly begin to realize that the mask is no longer for David Flip Rodriguez; he has outgrown it and now mostly seems to wear it to show his fans and troubled kids everywhere that he has been there with them. He has felt their pain and can help. He genuinely cares deeply about all the kids he coaches and he is a phenomenal role model by anyone’s standards. Flip lives in LA where he coaches at Tempest and if you or your kids want one of the best Ninjas around, who also happens to be one of the most caring, fun-loving coaches around, hit up TEMPEST FREE RUNNING ACADEMY: or and ask for Flip!!! SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 88,000 KEY NINJA RUN – Twitter: @YoungFlip7 – Instagram: youngflip7 – Facebook: Youngflip07

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSBRIAN ARNOLD – Wolfpack Ninja Tour Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Wolfpack, Ltd., Brian Arnold has been a force to reckon with in the American Ninja Warrior scene.  He made history by being the first American to finish stage 3 of Midoriyama, and he is a leader to many of the veteran Ninjas.  Brian brings a fierce tenacity to the Wolfpack and motivates the wolves to push harder than anyone else.  He is a man of integrity and honor and is as strong in character as he is in might.  Brian has been climbing for over 25 years and is a dedicated student of the game of chess. In fact, he has beaten The Ninjadoc in over 200 games with only a handful of losses! Brian also led his team, Party Time to the first ever Team Ninja Warrior championship. Brian is a loving family man and father to his little girl Arie, and together with his beautiful gal, Shanda, has a full house with his other kids Corbin and Cantasia. He freely gives his time and mentorship to his fans around the world.  Brian resides in Colorado where he trains incessantly in pursuit of his dreams. KEY NINJA RUN SOCIAL MEDIA REACH:30,000 INSTAGRAMTWITTER – FACEBOOK

 – Wolfpack Ninja Tour Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Wolfpack, Ltd., Ian is the Wolf Pup, but do not let this diminutive title fool you; Ian has consistently gone farther than just about any other Ninja and has taken 3rd place out of thousands of top Ninjas 2 years in a row on American Ninja Warrior.  He is the youngest Wolf and he is just entering his prime.  Ian, like the rest of the pack is focused on his body and mind and plans to attend Law School and specialize in business law in the coming years.  Ian is a hard worker, a loyal and trusted friend, and he lives with his beautiful wife, Jes in Fort Collins, CO.  Jes is an author and just wrote an amazing new book called Isle.  Ian and Jes have a wonderful little boy named Pax.  Wolf Pup plans to take it all down this season on American Ninja WarriorKEY NINJA RUN SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 15,100 INSTAGRAMTWITTER – FACEBOOK

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSTRAVIS BREWER – Travis Brewer is on a mission. This Handstand/calisthenic expert is out to improve the lives of others as a social entrepreneur, and  he is one of the veteran American Ninja Warriors who have made it to Finals in Vegas. Travis is a clothing designer with a company called Pi Movement that makes INCREDIBLE Ninja /parkour clothes that enable complete freedom of movement. His company gives a Pi portion (3.14%) to a good cause (currently building parks and playgrounds for kids!) Travis had had some major obstacles to overcome in his life including a horrific knee injury which took him years to come back from. He also had to change his life when his previous job and life path proved to be unfulfilling. Travis is one of those magical guys who makes life seem… Well, magical. With over 100,000 Instagram followers and an amazing collection of very inspiring photos and media, Travis has not wanted for publicity or public exposure. Travis is a friend to all ninjas and an important part of our ninja community. He is constantly supporting other Ninja’s visions and dreams and goes out of his way to make others feel good about what they are doing. Travis shares a similar approach to public education and heath as the Wolfpack does and is really quite keen on motivating kids to become the best that they can be. He is a leader and is a sought after trainer, entertainer and coach. With non-stop inspiration pouring out of his instagram, you HAVE to follow him! his photos and antics will just make you smile! KEY NINJA RUN  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 112,000 INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – TWITTER – YOUTUBE – PI MOVEMENT CLOTHING

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSRYAN STRATIS – Ryan Stratis has competed in every ANW season. Period. He has always carried himself with humility and grace during that time. As he has grown more capable as an athlete, he has also grown as a person. Some people change for the worse with fame, but Ryan is a glowing example of a Ninja who has embraced his elevation to role-model status and taken it for what it is: an honor and responsibility to help his fans become the people they want to be through hard work and dedication.

Ryan Stratis has also had his set-backs though. Whether it is injury or an unlucky early exit from an ANW season, Ryan has taken his licks and come out on top. During Team Ninja Warrior, we saw a fierceness in his eyes and a fire in his heart that cannot be taught. Ryan involves his soul into his work and play and his friendships. His selfless gifts to fellow ninjas are discussed in the podcast along with his injuries, his past and his thoughts on seeing Midoriyama go down last year at the hands of two incredible athletes. KEY NINJA RUN    SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 25,000 WEB – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – YOUTUBE

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSNICHOLAS COOLRIDGE – Nicholas Coolridge is a special kind of guy. Instantly likable and humble, this quirky former dumpster-diver made a stunning debut on American Ninja Warrior in season 6 by becoming the first and only Ninja to complete the Venice City Finals (see video below.) Nicholas is a super nice guy and instantly fit into the Ninja community. Gaining instant respect from top Ninjas for his amazing acrobatic abilities, the rest of the world is also paying attention to this humble and very handsome Ninja. With over 150,000 followers on Instagram Nicholas lives by his mantra to “do something awesome everyday.” Indeed, Nicholas is a bit of a joker, a bit of a hero, and all Ninja for sure. In his interview, Nicholas Coolridge shares with us his vision and his passion. He states clearly that his goal was to be “paid to be himself” which he has clearly accomplished. Hooking up with Travis Brewer–a fellow Ninja who’s show was last week–Nicholas wants to inspire his followers to live out their dreams and develop their bodies and minds. Wait a second… That’s what the Wolfpack Ninjas want as well! I think we are seeing a trend with all these positive and inspirational Ninjas which is they have become the people they always wanted to be, and now they want to show others that they can do it too. Nicholas leads by example. His speed and fluidity as a Ninja are already legendary despite the fact that last season was his rookie year. On Team Ninja Warrior, Nicholas went FAST. Perhaps recklessly fast at times, but FAST nonetheless. When Nicholas moves it’s like watching a panther or some other large cat moving powerfully, gracefully and confidently through obstacles. Many thought Nicholas might be the First American Ninja Warrior, but alas it was not to be. Searching for inspiration himself, this acrobatic genius may have found his muse with the American Ninja Warrior show. Give Modern Tarzan a follow on Instagram. You are missing out if you don’t. KEY NINJA RUN    SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 35,000 INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – TWITTER – YOUTUBE – WEB

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSJARED “JJ” WOODS – JJ Woods is a certified personal trainer, Professional Freerunner, Stuntman, and NBC American Ninja Warrior Athlete. From urban obstacle coursing and heart racing stunts, to the Las Vegas finals this passionate athlete exemplifies what it means to live free and on the edge of your seat. His strength comes from a steadfast dedication to living life hard with no room for compromise when it comes to achieving goals. JJ has been involved with human movement for nearly a decade and coaches professionally out of the Orange Theory Country Walk and Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy, and shares his training methods and discipline with anyone willing to work hard. JJ can be seen in productions such as Burn Notice, Graceland, Magic City and blockbuster films Iron man 3, Step Up Revolution and Sabotage. KEY NINJA RUN  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 21,000  INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – FACEBOOK

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSJENNIFER TAVERNIER – Jennifer the “MinneNinja” came onto the ninja scene after she saw Kacy defeat the Dallas finals course. After being a course tester for ANW Season 7, she was in love with the sport. A friend told her to start an Instagram account to record her training and her account exploded, gathering over 100,000 followers in one year. Brian Arnold invited her to join him and Jake Murray for Season One of Team Ninja Warrior, and they took home the Championship Title. Jennifer’s strength to body weight ratio sets her apart and her videos (like a one handed ring pushup) have gathered millions of views and been repeatedly featured on platforms like Reddit, Imgur and News Channels. As Jennifer’s exposure has grown, she has begun sharing her story publicly, encouraging women and girls to pursue their passions and get strong. Jennifer lives in Minnesota with her two daughters Louella, 8 and Emma, 7 and has a background as a collegiate tennis player and personal trainer. Her training programs will be offered on her website soon! She is a full-time sponsored athlete with Optimum Nutrition, Conquer Ninja Warrior and Three Ball Climbing and a Fitness Model. KEY NINJA VID  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 179,000  INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – WEB

 – Wolfpack Ninja Tour Co-Founder & President of Wolfpack, Ltd. and the WOLFPACK NINJA TOUR, Dr. Kaufman, the “Ninjadoc,” has dedicated his life to emergency medicine and helping people. He is also an avid rock climber of over 25 years and holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Dr. Kaufman is the leader of the Wolfpack and the chief strategist. When he is not working a busy shift in the ER, Noah loves to play blues guitar and write music. He is also fond of losing chess games with Brian Arnold and “swears it’s on purpose.” He is a strong believer in hard work and has climbed all over the world in search of the perfect climb. Noah has lived in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. He went to Tulane University School of Medicine on a scholarship and specialized in emergency medicine for the thrill of it. He has competed on American Ninja Warrior for 3 seasons and Team Ninja Warrior. He is well known for helping injured Ninjas and was seen reducing a dislocated shoulder of fellow competitor Alan Connealy in ANW5. He lives in Colorado with his wife Dr. Siemay Lee and their little Ninja Cub, Zun. He is the Co-Founder of the Wolfpack Ninjas brand, creator of the Wolfpack Ninja Podcast, the Wolfpack Ninjas website and several health and training eBooks. He also wrote the Wolfpack Ninja Training Manual and the Ninja Cub Training Manual which are eBooks that can be found on the iBooks Store. He is a philanthropist, social entrepreneur and longtime rock climber.  KEY NINJA RUN  SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 20,500  INSTAGRAM – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – YOUTUBE – WEB

WPNT PRO TEAM MEMBERSGEOFF BRITTEN – One of The First American Ninja Warriors Geoff Britten is a family man, first and foremost. Sure he loves American Ninja Warrior, just like the rest of us (and so does his wife the very talented and lovely Jessica Britten; also a strong Ninja competitor on the show.) Geoff devotes relatively little time to actual hardcore ANW training. He has a little gym in his basement where he trains very very hard for about 2 hours a day; every day. Part man, part machine, this 20 year + rock climber is one of only 2 people ever to complete the American Ninja Warrior course, and THE ONLY Ninja athlete to ever have a perfect season and not get wet! Geoff is undoubtedly one of the best Ninjas out there. SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: 41,000 KEY NINJA RUN – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – YOUTUBE




These ninjas are also part of the team and vying for the cash prizes and a spot on the Pro Team!

Compete for a chance to join the best of the best! The overall winner of each WPNT will win a spot on our TEAM! Imagine being paid to be a NINJA!? Many of the Ninjas from our team will be flown out to each WPNT location to compete! AROOOO!


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4 Replies to "TOUR PRO TEAM"

  • comment-avatar
    Travis Brewer
    October 31, 2016 (8:20 pm)

    I am so honored and excited to be a part of the this incredibility talented pro team. I look forward to the opportunity to inspire the future of ninjas, young and old alike, with this tour across the country!

    • comment-avatar
      Wolfpack Ninjas
      October 31, 2016 (8:46 pm)

      Heck Yeah Travis! You are one of the most positive Ninjas we have ever met and are so honored to have you! (And, your Pi Movement Ninja Clothes are the best around!)

      Love you, brother!

      -Wolfpack Ninjas

  • comment-avatar
    Michelle Ishio
    March 20, 2017 (11:29 am)

    OMG, I pretty much read through every page of the website ??.

    Love what you guys are offering, (fun, challenging, and new).
    For people of all ages, it will open up a renewed percpective on fitness, sense of accomplishment, raised self-confidence & esteem, and a chance to be around 100’s (1000’s) of like minded people.

    The message, charity donation, health fair…. OK, I’ll stop now….Haha.

    Loved reading about the individual Pro Tour Team. I will follow some on Instagram for sure.

    When you eventually make it into LA, I am definitely participating.
    I need to get on the Leader board, (for both the over 40, and regular division) ?.

    My 3 kids will all participate too.
    A family trip to the beach, museum, or even our usual track meets needs to scoot over when you guys come to town….hehe.

    • comment-avatar
      Wolfpack Ninjas
      March 23, 2017 (12:31 am)

      Wow!!! Thanks so much Michelle! That means so much to us and you happened to catch us podcasting, so we all read your comment and are so happy to have had a part of such positivity! THANK YOU, WOLF! AROOOOO! Hahaha! Can’t wait to meet you and the kiddos!
      -Wolfpack Ninjas

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