The Wolfpack Ninja Tour (WPNT) Obstacle Race will debut in Denver, CO April 30th 2017
  • •This is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION head-to-head obstacle racing event with a “come-back” loser’s bracket
  • •$30,000 in prize money
  • •6 possible divisions to compete in: PRO men’s & women’s, AMATEUR men’s & women’s and YOUTH men’s & women’s
  • •Leaderboard tracks the fastest times from the QUALIFYING round and determines the competitors that make it to FINALS.
  • •The PRO men’s & women’s FINALS will have a 16 Ninja Double Elimination Bracket while the remaining divisions will compete in 8 competitor SINGLE ELIMINATION Brackets on Finals Night.
There are several ways a Ninja can compete in the QUALIFYING round:
  1. Purchase a ticket and attempt to PRE-QUALIFY via the SCORE SHEET (complete 30 of 35 standalone obstacles to earn one (1) WOLF PASS COIN.)
  2. Purchase a WOLF PASS which skips pre-qualifying and allows one (1) attempt at the Pro Course to make the LEADERBOARD and qualify. All competitors are allowed a maximum of three (3) attempts at the Pro Course to improve their time and ranking on the LEADERBOARD.
  3. Get an invitation by the Wolfpack Ninja Tour (Tour staff, other pro-ninjas, celebrities, special guests, etc.)
  4. Be part of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour Pro Team.



The two-lane racing course will be surrounded by individual obstacle stations. Prove yourself on these individual obstacles and

you can earn a run on the Pro Course and the chance to qualify for FINALS. To earn a run on the Pro Course, competitors must complete 5 of the 26 individual obstacles and must have them witnessed/signed-off for on their SCORE SHEET. Earning a run on the Pro Course does not guarantee you a spot in the finals or a shot at the prize money.

Once a score sheet is complete, it may be turned in at the WOLF PASS table for a WOLF PASS COIN which can be used at any time during the qualifying hours (while waves are happening, typically 8 AM-6 PM on Saturday and 8am-4pm on Sunday.) Score Sheets can be kept by competitors for personal recording of obstacle success and qualifying times. There is a 2 hour time limit per wave of competitors for pre-qualification and no obstacles completed after the 2 hour limit will be counted.

  1. Competitors over the age of 12 must REGISTER to compete in a 2-hour wave
  2. During the competitor’s 2-hour wave, he/she must complete 30 of 35 obstacles to earn a WOLF PASS COIN and run the Pro Course.
  3. Scores from multiple different 2-hour waves may not be combined.
  4. Obstacle stations are numbered and signs provide rules for each station.
  5. There is a designated starting platform and an ending platform which the competitor must reach in order to count the obstacle as being completed.
  6. Competitors must complete the obstacle in 30 seconds or the instructed time limit posted on signage.
  7. Certain obstacles may have a judge.
  8. Competitors check-off an obstacle as complete on their SCORE SHEET.
  9. SCORE SHEETS must be witnessed by two (2) fellow competitors or Ninjas/judges to be counted.
  10. Turn in completed SCORE SHEETS at the WOLF PASS table near the Pro Course.
  11. Competitors may try each station multiple times without limit, but must wait in line between each attempt.
  12. Competitors MAY keep their SCORE SHEET to record their successes and Pro-Course times.


In the QUALIFICATION round, competitors will try to complete the Pro Course in the fastest time possible. The LEADERBOARD will track the top times for each category. A WOLF PASS COIN must be submitted for each run and is valid for only one run (VIP ticket holders can get their coin back after the competition). As described above, a WOLF PASS COIN can be obtained in the PRE-QUALIFICATION round or by buying a WOLF PASS or a VIP ticket or by invite. Competitors may purchase up to two (2) additional WOLF PASS COINS for two (2) more chances at improving their position on the LEADERBOARD.

Athletes will qualify for FINALS if they are at the top of their division (top 16 for PRO men’s & women’s, top 8 otherwise) at the end of the QUALIFICATION round. A couple ninjas who just missed qualifying for FINALS may be asked to stay for FINALS as alternates in case there is an injury or a no-show. If alternates are needed, they will be chosen based on their ranking in the QUALIFICATION round. In the case of a tie that spans the boundary of who qualifies for finals (e.g., tie for 16th place), tied competitors will race head-to-head in a mini tournament bracket to determine who gets the last qualification spot(s). These tie-breaker races will be held right before the FINALS round and will be subject to the same rules as FINALS.

  1. A WOLF PASS COIN must be submitted for every run on the Pro Course.
  2. Up to two (2) additional WOLF PASS COINS can be purchased per competitor for additional runs (no competitor is allowed more than three (3) runs on the course).
  3. Competitors turn in their WOLF PASS COIN at the WOLF PASS table and declare their intended division.
  4. Competitors must declare their division on their score card before their first run.
  5. Competitors must wait in line for their turn to run the Pro Course.
  6. If a competitor purchases a WOLF PASS he/she may run the Pro Course at anytime during the event before the end of the QUALIFICATION round.
  7. Competitor steps to the starting platform and is notified by the line manager that they are ready to run. The line manager than will initiate the starting sequence.
  8. If the line manager determines that there is a false start, they will notify competitor to stop their run immediately and 1 rerun shall be granted.
  9. Competitor may NOT use truss to complete any obstacle.
  10. Competitors MAY skip obstacles by jumping or swinging past them.
  11. Falling off the Pro Course disqualifies the competitor and no time is registered.
  12. Competitors MAY use any sized Warped Wall to get to the finishing buzzer.
  13. Hitting the finishing buzzer stops the timer and results in the competitor’s official LEADERBOARD time. (please note, competitor MUST hit the buzzer to stop the timer.)
  14. Some hanging elements may have a swing from the previous competitor. Competitors must run the course as it lies and must adapt to this sort of variability.
  15. If elements are broken, Wolfpack Ninja Tour staff will pause the runs and address course issues.
  16. If the course breaks during your run in a way that disrupts your time, you may appeal to the judges for a rerun. All appeals must be made immediately after the run and are subject to rejection by the head judge.
  17. Competitors found to have more than three (3) runs on the Pro Course may be disqualified.
  18. Only the fastest times from the Qualification rounds will make it to FINALS night to compete for CASH PRIZES and GLORY (Top 16 for PRO men’s & women’s, Top 8 for other divisions.)
  19. Qualifying for finals does not guarantee prize money or glory.
  20. Judges and Line Managers have final say in all questions pertaining to rules, falls, disputes and all other points of contention.
  21. Both lanes will be used during the qualification round, but ninjas will not be started at the same time. It’s possible that someone will be next to you on the course while you are running and you must adapt to this.


Unlike the QUALIFICATION round where ninjas race against the clock, in the FINALS round, ninjas will race head-to-head against each other on the Pro Course in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION tournament format. The winner of each head-to-head race will continue on to the next race in their bracket. Competitors that lose a race will have a chance to come back in the loser’s bracket.

Competitors that qualify for FINALS are responsible for showing up at the posted time. If you are a Finalist click HERE for instructions about showing up for FINALS. Competitors who are late will be disqualified and alternates will take their place.

  1. The race begins with an electronic starting sound.
  2. If there is a false start, competitors will be stopped immediately and the race will be restarted.
  3. The first ninja to hit the ending buzzer wins the race.
  4. In the event that both Ninjas fall, the Ninja that goes the farthest in the shortest amount of time wins. “Farthest” on the course is measured per obstacle (not within obstacle). If a competitor completes an obstacle that their opponent falls on, then that competitor wins. If both competitors fall on the same obstacle, the winner is the competitor who first arrived at the preceding  platform (i.e., who finished the previous obstacle first).
  5. If both competitors fall at the same place and it is too difficult to judge who finished the previous obstacle first, the race will be re-run.
  6. If a ninja is disqualified by a judge for purposely using truss or other various reasons, the other Ninja wins the heat.
  7. If a ninja is injured and cannot compete, the other Ninja in the bracket will receive a bye and win by default.
  8. The head judge will make all final decisions pertaining to the race.
  9. The Finals Heats are timed for record keeping sake, standings and for competitor strategy.
  10. In the case of a course malfunction or other circumstances that affected a race, a competitor make an appeal to the head judge. Any rerun will be at the sole discretion of the head judge. Appeals must be immediately after the run in question (no more than 5 minutes may elapse between the end of the race and the appeal).
  11. Competitors may not change lanes during the race. Some obstacles may have shared elements and the competitors can use those in any way. However, at the end of the obstacle the competitor must move back into their own lane.
  12. Competitor must press the finishing button in their lane.
  13. Incidental contact with your opponent is allowed during the race. However, any intentional contact or attempts to disrupt your opponents run will be cause for disqualification at the discretion of the head judge.
  14. Incidental contact with the padding and truss is allowed and subject to the Line Judge’s determination.
  15. LANE CHOICE happens in the first round by the higher seeded competitor. In the loser’s bracket and the subsequent rounds, the head judge will perform a coin flip for a quick decision.
  16. Loser bracket competitors MAY RACE MORE TIMES. This is the nature of double elimination brackets. For instance, a competitor in the loser’s bracket may race 7 times to come all the way back and face a winner’s bracket competitor who has only raced 5 times, etc.
  17. Races will be run in an order that gives resting advantage to the winner’s bracket competitor if there is one race or less in between matches. Any competitor may have to race back to back and this is a part of the competition.
  18. If a competitor is injured, they may decide if they want to try to run their next match only with approval from the event organizers. In the case of a forfeit due to injury or disqualification, the opponent will receive a bye.

The FINALS competition is a double-elimination format that allows ninjas to come back from a loss. Ninjas will be placed in the tournament bracket according to their finishing place in the QUALIFICATION round. This seeding gives an advantage to top placing finishers in the QUALIFICATION round. Finishing place will be determined based upon the ninja’s performance in both the winner’s bracket and the loser’s bracket. It is possible to work your way through the loser’s bracket and still win the event. Similarly, it is possible to lose in the first round and still come back to a top 4 finishing place. Note that winning in the first round does not guarantee a top 8 finish. The competition will be run through the Challonge web interface ( and the placing for the tournament bracket will be determined by the website software. The method for determining places is a bit complex, but roughly reflects how many rounds into the tournament you make it (in either bracket) and gives a slight preference to people that go farther in the winner’s bracket. The top 4 places are always resolved via the tournament, but there are generally ties in the places higher than this.

Placing within groups of tied ninjas will be determined by comparing each ninjas fastest clocked course time during the FINALS round.

The faster ninjas will receive a better placing. In the event of a tie in final place in the bracket AND fastest clocked time during finals, the results from the qualification round will be used to determine placing. The use of times to break ties will not be reflected in the Challonge software but will be calculated by the tour staff. Prize money will be allocated to the top athletes according to their finishing place as determined by the rules described above. If you are interested in understanding the format better, visit and run through some sample brackets.

The order of the races in the tournament is known at the start of the event and will be displayed on the full bracket. Note that this order may be different than the ordering shown in the sample bracket below. Additionally, the head judge may switch the order of an race for any reason (though all attempts will be made to follow the prescribed order).

Race 27 & 28 will be switched so that the Winner’s Bracket will have the rest advantage.


Disqualification happens in the following scenarios:

  1. Truss is used in a non-incidental way and the Judge calls the competitor out.
  2. Any aid device, chalk, resin etc. that is not specifically provided by the WPNT is used for a competitor’s advantage.
  3. Performance enhancing drugs are used.
  4. There is purposeful contact while racing that is deemed to be malicious or “non-incidental.”
  5. If a competitor is injured and cannot continue.
  6. If a competitor does not appear at the appointed time for the competition.
  7. If the WPNT event organizers or Head Judge decides to disqualify a competitor for another reason not stated above.

The top sixteen (16) Pros from the Leaderboard in the Men’s & Women’s divisions will compete on Finals Night at around 6pm as the last divisions to race. There will then be an awards ceremony.


The top eight (8) Ninjas from the Leaderboard in these divisions will compete on Finals Night starting at around 4:30pm. The YOUTH Women will be the first division to race.



College Night is a chance for Collegiate teams to race for money, glory and bragging rights! It costs only $10 to watch and $35
to compete! Here are the simple rules (also see “FINALS” above.)

  1. Racing begins at 6 PM.
  2. Each team meets at the front of the course with its competing team mates.
  3. Each Team Member runs the course one time to establish a time to beat.
  4. The FASTEST team member will advance to College Night Finals to race head to head against other teams.
  5. A single elimination bracket will be utilized if there are 16 teams or more competing.
  6. There may be a double elimination competition at the event organizer’s discretion for events with less than 16 teams.
  7. The winner receives $1,000. $500 is intended for the victor and $500 for her team.
  8. Collegiate competitors may also compete in the main event on Sunday in any division they choose, but they must purchase a Wolf Pass.

This is a time based competition. Competitors will be racing up a rope one at a time to post times on a leaderboard. The 4 fastest times at the end of the event and before Finals will qualify to race during Finals Night on Sunday. During the Finals event, the 4 finalists will compete head to head for exhibition sake, however the fastest times will win the event in order of speed. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be present at time of award (at the Awards Ceremony immediately following the Finals Event.) The Prize is $400 for 1st Place and awesome SWAG for 2nd and 3rd place.


This is a Total Repetition based competition. Competitors will be doing MAX pull-ups with results posted on a leaderboard. The most pull-ups at the end of the competition day and before the Pro competition starts wins. Pull-ups must be good form and all the way down and up. No kipping. A station judge will notify competitors of form and only count best-form pull-ups. A leaderboard will be updated online. Competitors are responsible for knowing what place they are in. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be present at time of award (at the Awards Ceremony immediately following the Finals Event.) The Prize is $400 for 1st Place and awesome SWAG for 2nd and 3rd place.


This is a time based competition. Competitors will be holding a handstand for times posted on a leaderboard. The longest held time at the end of the competition day and before the Pro competition starts wins. “Walking” is not allowed more than 2 hand “steps.” The winner will be decided by the timer and a leaderboard will be updated online. Competitors are responsible for knowing what place they are in. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be present at time of award (at the Awards Ceremony immediately following the Finals Event.) The Prize is $400 for 1st Place and awesome SWAG for 2nd and 3rd place.


This is a speed based competition. Competitors will be racing on the pro course and must have a WOLF PASS to enter times on a leaderboard. The fastest time at the end of the competition day and before the Pro competition starts wins. COMPETITORS OVER 40 MAY ENTER THIS COMPETITION AND A DIVISION AS WELL. The winner will be decided by the time the competitor achieves and a leaderboard will be updated online. As with the normal competition, a competitor may only try for the fastest time a maximum of 3 attempts (3 WOLF PASSES) Competitors are responsible for knowing what place they are in. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be present at time of award (at the Awards Ceremony immediately following the Finals Event.) The Prize is $400 for 1st Place and awesome SWAG for 2nd and 3rd place.




Each Tour is worth an equal amount of points and points can accumulate, being halved every year. If you end year 1 with 40 points, you would begin year 2 with 20 points and so on and so forth. The year ends on December 31st at midnight. 20 points is considered a “Sweep” and represents a perfect score. There are 16 possible points for racing placers and 4 additional possible points given as a “bonus” for winning the Bonus Event. The breakdown for points and bonuses are as follows:

  • Tour Points & Ranking

Tour Points & Ranking

Tour Season Points

These are the points you will accrue for making finals and placing in FINALS per tour. There is an Event Bonus which will be a Rope climb in Denver, and may be different solitary events at other Wolfpack Ninja Tour stops at the discretion of the event organizers.
Finishing placePro Course PointsBonus Event Points


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