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Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 23 – PARTY TIME!

Team Party Time CONGRATS! Winners of the first ever Team Ninja Warrior Championship! Okay, so TEAM NINJA WARRIOR was the most fun we've ever had as Ninjas! There is no doubt that this season will be better than ever, and we wanted to do a podcast with the reigning champions and all around funnest team of pranksters we ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 10 – Wolfpack Ninjas Training

The Wolfpack Ninjas are Rock Climbers and this episode reveals their training secrets. The Wolfpack Ninjas rock climbing training secrets are finally REVEALED!!! This episode is dedicated to making you a stronger climber, ninja and person through the secret training tips and advice from the Wolfpack Ninjas. Between ... More

Brian Arnold

American Ninja Warrior and Wolfpack Ninja Brian Arnold is a training BEAST   I have been active all my life and have never known a life of being sedentary. When I was 12 years old I started rock climbing and wrestling. At 16 I started lifting weights. This active life has continued into my 30's. My main focus has ... More