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Wolfpack Ninja Podcast – Chris Sharma PART 1

Chris Sharma - Legend Chris Sharma; It's hard to tell where to begin with this guy. How does one even start to talk about a man who has experienced so much and led such an original and authentic life? Chris has always followed his own plan, his own beat. At times reticent role-model, at times reluctant leader, there is no ... More

Paint It Black

Check out my send of one of the hardest climbs in the world. I want you to remember that before this moment I had put in hundreds of hours working this climb. I fell more than 100 times and spent hour and hours training to make this video and climb posible. Your body and mind are a temple and what you put into yourself pays ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 10 – Wolfpack Ninjas Training

The Wolfpack Ninjas are Rock Climbers and this episode reveals their training secrets. The Wolfpack Ninjas rock climbing training secrets are finally REVEALED!!! This episode is dedicated to making you a stronger climber, ninja and person through the secret training tips and advice from the Wolfpack Ninjas. Between ... More