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Run Order Wolfpack Ninja Tour 2.0 Loveland, CO


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Wolfpack Junior Member Leaderboard Who can earn the most points? Who is really really dedicated to success? To becoming the very best versions of themselves? Look at how dedicated these Ninjas are! What about you? Every April 30th there will be a very special prize awarded to the Member-Leader of the Wolfpack Junior Communi... More


SPECTATORS - $30 for a chance to see the most exciting new sport in action: Sunday Finals Night Wolfpack Ninja Tour Pro Racing League! ALL THE TOP NINJAS RACE! OPEN PLAY - $100 for a 2-hr chance to play on the most amazing playground of all time! Friday and Saturday morning, 8AM - 10AM. WOLF PASS - $100 ... More


Here is TOUR PRO TEAM! These pros will be attending the WPNT IN PERSON! Most of these athletes plan to be at every event, both competing and teaching amazing Kid's Classes! We support our Pros financially, and they are part owners in the WPNT and STRONG believers in the message and cause. Captains were chosen for their ... More


Wolfpack Ninja Tour #2 Denver, CO November 3 to 5th 2017 Wolfpack Ninja Tour #1 Denver, CO April 29/30th 2017 *A portion of profits from the WPNT event will go to Children's Hospital charity to make an impact on childhood health issues such as the current epidemic of childhood obesity. Compete for a chance to ... More


What is the Wolfpack Ninja Tour? The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is dedicated to getting you and your family healthy through the super fun sport of obstacle racing. Enjoy trying the many obstacles that have made these Ninjas famous and learn from the Ninjas themselves in small classes for the kids! OBSTACLES RANGE IN DIFFICULTY SO ... More

LEADERBOARD Wolfpack Ninja Tour 2.0 Loveland, CO