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Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 12 – Elet Hall

Elet Hall is The Natural: a rare breed of Ninja and his skills are as mysterious as his personality. Elet Hall is well known as the Natural. He just moves like a cat; and lands like one too. He follows his own mantra and is a total original. Out of all the Ninjas out there in the Ninjaverse, Elet Hall is genuine and ... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 7 – Jesse La Flair

American Ninja Warrior Jesse La Flair - Parkour Master, Teacher and YouTube Sensation American Ninja Warrior Jesse La Flair has a lot going for him, and we catch up with this Parkour Guru in this episode of the Wolfpack Ninja Podcast. Jesse is a professional Freerunner and pro team member of Tempest Freerunning b... More

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 3 – David Flip Rodriguez

American Ninja Warrior David Flip Rodriguez - The Masked Ninja Episode 3 starts out with a Wolfpack Ninja conversation about when we first met David Flip Rodriguez and what our first thoughts about him were ...and how that quickly changed as we got to know him. David Flip Rodriguez is a bit of a conundrum; on the ... More