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EMAIL US: volunteer@wolfpackninjas.com to join or if you have questions about rewards/participation!

You are helping the Wolfpack Ninjas make the world a happier healthier place. This is your page and a place where we will celebrate you and your contributions to the Wolfpack Movement.

Below you will find our Wolfpack Volunteer Leaderboard and photos of the great times we have had together.

You will also find info on our volunteer needs and rewards!


Your Wolf Level will be decided by the number of hours you put in as a volunteer and can lead to very special one-of-a-kind rewards and experiences with the Wolfpack Ninjas’ family. More info to come!

NameHoursWolfspot CertifiedWolf Level
Amy Juarez 2no1
Chloe Dickerson56no5
Mindy Mysinger41yes4
Sean McGraw8no1
Willie Tibbetts16no1
Chris Koon25no2
Sharon Koon18no1
Jannieth Lewis12no1
Eric Huss12no1
Tiffany Smith8no1
Alyssa Morrison4no1
Sue Uyetake8no1
Logan Uyetake4no1
Michael Micek4no1
Adam Kline4no1
Vikki Kline4no1
Patty Harsch4no1
Beth Ann Sanderak8no1
Kelli Stricker8no1
Braedyn Stricker8no1
Roberta McCoy4no1
Rachael McCoy4no1
Ann Norton8no1
Hai Nguyen8yes1
Carrie Levin8no1
Richard Levin8yes1
Stephanie Francis4no1
Brad Francis4no1
Charles Lane4no1
Daniel Morse16no1
Hamilton Morse16no1
Michael Lee12no1
Michael Espinoza16no1
Sally Arnold4no1
Peggy Hartjoy8no1
Staci Rogers8no1
Mike Meyer8no1
Kendra Miller8no1
Jason Boker8no1
Randy Ator8no1
Willie Tibbetts4no1
Jeff Tibbetts4no1
Gina Espinoza4no1
Claudio Espinoza4no1
Joe Tort4no1
Jeff Ellenbogen4no1
Sam Ellenbogen4no1
Darin Espigh8no1
Cyrah Espigh8no1
Josiah Espigh8no1
Steve Leavell4no1
Brenda Leavell4no1

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