Wolfpack Ninja Tour
  • Join the Wolf Den! The Wolfpack Ninjas FIRST Ninja Training Center! See below for class ages and details!
  • Come train with the Wolfpack Ninjas!
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday classes offered.
  • ONLY 20 SPOTS PER CLASS, SIGN UP NOW! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! - See remaining spots below.
  • See below and choose the Monday, Wednesday or Friday class and put your name on the list. Classes start July 24th!

Email wolfpackninjatour@gmail.com to secure your spot.​

Jessie Graff teaching packed classes!


Flip Rodriguez teaching classes


Ages 4-7 : 18/20 spots left

Our Little Ninjas program is focused on inspiring kids to live a healthy active life style while engaging in fun and challenging obstacle courses! Balance, focus, coordination as well as tumbling and games are all used to help build and inspire the future tomorrow. What kid doesn't want to be a ninja? This is the perfect way for kids to get off the couch, away from the screens and get them moving. In our classes, TAUGHT BY WOLFPACK NINJAS, kids will learn the basics of what it is to be a wolfpack ninja. Our elite level coaches will not only create an environment that is safe and fun for learning but will also provide first class instruction on techniques and strengths needed to be the best ninja possible.

Mondays 4 - 5:30 PM - $180/month - 4 classes per month - Month by month pricing - Discounts for 6 months - ONLY 20 SPOTS LEFT

Wolfpack Junior

Ages 7-10 : 16/20 spots left

Wolfpack Juniors is focused on creating learning environments where kids interact with different challenges promoting curiosity and creativity. Students will run obstacle courses, solve puzzles and discover how to overcome new and different environments. Focus on philosophy of dedicating yourself to self-improvement. Nutrition discussed routinely. Obstacle racing begins! FUN!

Wednesdays 4 - 5:30 PM - $200/month - 4 classes per month - Month by month pricing - Discounts for 6 months - ONLY 20 SPOTS LEFT

Wolfpack Team

Ages 14+ : 20/20 spots left

This class is designed specifically to challenge kids and adults ages 14 and up. Our focus is to create a fun active and playful environment that helps kids and adults gain confidence and have fun playing and training on pro ninja courses! Obstacle course challenges and racing along with lessons about health and fitness will help you or your young Ninjas inspire and grow. Students will challenge themselves in an environment that is safe and fun. Planting seeds of greatness and growing tomorrow's leaders, this class not only challenges you or your kids but also gives them confidence in all walks of life. GREAT FOR FAMILIES! The class is structured to build strength, endurance and moral character through hard work and dedication. Students will be tested on timed courses that are focused on technique and endurance. There will also be classes focused on difficulty where will be testing and working on power endurance and conditioning.

Fridays 4 - 5:30 PM - $220/month - 4 classes per month - Month by month pricing - Discounts for 6 months - ONLY 20 SPOTS LEFT

Open Gym

Just want to come in and play on Ninja obstacles and courses we make for you? Want to get fit while having incredible fun in a social environment filled with local Ninja talent?

Monday - Friday 8 - 10:00 PM - $20/session - $100/12 punch card - $200/month membership (6 month minimum) - Discounts for 12 months


Wolfpack Ninja Tour