Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 18 – Nicholas Coolridge

  • Nicholas Coolridge - The Modern Tarzan

Nicholas Coolridge - Heart throb

Nicholas Coolridge

Nicholas Coolridge is Modern Tarzan: An Instagram celebrity turned Ninja Warrior.

Nicholas Coolridge is a special kind of guy. Instantly likable and humble, this quirky former dumpster-diver made a stunning debut on American Ninja Warrior in season 6 by becoming the first and only Ninja to complete the Venice City Finals (see video below.) Nicholas is a super nice guy and instantly fit into the Ninja community. Gaining instant respect from top Ninjas for his amazing acrobatic abilities, the rest of the world is also paying attention to this humble and very handsome Ninja.

With over 1000,000 followers on Instagram (follow him @moderntarzan,) Nicholas lives by his mantra to “do something awesome

Nicholas Coolridge - Movement Artist

Nicholas Coolridge Movement Artist

everyday.” Indeed, Nicholas is a bit of a joker, a bit of a hero, and all Ninja for sure.

In his interview, Nicholas Coolridge shares with us his vision and his passion. He states clearly that his goal was to be “paid to be himself” which he has clearly accomplished. Hooking up with Travis Brewer–a fellow Ninja who’s show was last week–Nicholas wants to inspire his followers to live out their dreams and develop their bodies and minds. Wait a second… That’s what the Wolfpack Ninjas want as well! I think we are seeing a trend with all these positive and inspirational Ninjas which is they have become the people they always wanted to be, and now they want to show others that they can do it too.

Nicholas leads by example. His speed and fluidity as a Ninja are already legendary despite the fact that last season was his rookie year. On Team Ninja Warrior, Nicholas went FAST. Perhaps recklessly fast at times, but FAST nonetheless. When Nicholas moves it’s like watching a panther or some other large cat moving powerfully, gracefully and confidently through obstacles.

Many thought Nicholas might be the First American Ninja Warrior, but alas it was not to be. Searching for inspiration himself, this acrobatic genius may have found his muse with the American Ninja Warrior show. Give Modern Tarzan a follow on Instagram. You are missing out if you don’t.

Nicholas Coolridge Dominates at American Ninja Warrior taking 1st place in a STACKED field:


NINJA QUICKIE! Nicholas Coolridge and Travis Brewer Vs. Kevin Bull and Evan Dollard. FOR REAL! This is so cool! Great relay!!!







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