Wolfpack Ninja Podcast Episode 21 – Mike Bernardo

  • Mike Bernardo - Machine Gun Mike

Mike Bernardo is Machine Gun Mike: The Firefighting Ninja

KnmVMR81Mike Bernardo is a complex guy. He sees a lot of crazy bad things happen to people during his job on the streets as a frontline EMS Firefighter in some of the busiest locales on the East coast. This has definitely molded his personality and has given him a drive and confidence that is enviable in the Ninja community. But he is a humble as they come. He is a nice guy and has a quirky sense of humor that many people don’t instantly understand or recognize.
This last Sunday night, Mike Bernardo absolutely decimated a 40 foot salmon ladder that none of the other top ninjas could touch. It was a moment of triumph for the entire community and Mike shares his experience. Additionally, Mike talks about failure and how to push forward towards your dream despite the (inevitable) setbacks. Mike has been a longtime superman of American Ninja Warrior and together with his bro, Ryan Stratis has turned from super fan into super Ninja. Mike has made it to the top 1% of all ninjas and in doing so has secured his place in history as one of the best. He was

Mike Bernardo - Fall Risk 911

Mike Bernardo is a Fall Risk, as we all are…

also a part of “Stratisfaction” on Team Ninja Warrior, and he is excited to be living the life and feels fortunate to be invited back year after year on this amazing show.
We also discuss his experience watching 2 amazing Ninjas beat the course last season and discusses some amazing philosophy on life and, of course, salmon ladder technique…







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